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Auction Time: June 20, 2018 / 06:17 AM PDT
Auction 45059
Jerry Soignier's RAMPAGE RACING Sale
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NEAR DISPERSAL SALE Jerry Soignier’s RAMPAGE RACING SALE MAMA SAYS……… . “SELL THE FARM” ! Kay & I recently moved to the DFW Area to be closer to our Grandson, Tyler. Going from small acreage to small city lot with pigeon restrictions dictates drastic reductions in my Pigeon Hobby. 85 selected birds are in the PigeonAuction.Com Lofts. Each week, beginning October 14, 12 birds will be listed. “GRAMPA ALWAYS SAID.. “ Pretty Is, as Pretty Does”. I cringe at the over use of the term “SUPER” in describing birds. I will do my best to reframe from insulting your intelligence. The birds are an accumulation of a decade of very selective acquisitions and breeding. TESTING, TESTING & more TESTING. ALWAYS following RESULTS in making matings. These birds have removed $$$ from most every OLR entered. They have earned Club, Combine, Association, Texas Center. Racing Pigeon Digest, AU & IF Year end awards. They are excelling NOW against the BEST competition we can find from California to New Jersey, and Ontario to Florida. Being offered are Imports, Proven Breeders & Racers. 1 to 3 year old birds basket proven out to 375 Miles from our best. And a select group of 2013 youngsters representing what we breed and send to OLR events. Families include most of the popular current lines being flown today. The only common denominator is PERFORMANCE. IF HOF YB’s 2011 & again in 2012, competiting in the largest Combine in the country, the CENTRAL JERSEY COMBINE. Against 2-3K birds weekly. Currently we have a bird leading the Combine in Ontario, Canada. In 2010 I had the FOURTH BEST BIRD from 572 entries shipped from the US in the SCMDPR 350 Mile Final Race and another SEVENTH BEST HOT SPOT AVERAGE BIRD –US entries. In 2012 I had FOURTH AVE SPD in the SPRING BREAK 300. Not a sale “of moving out a group of birds (that are not working) to make room for another group of hopefuls” . Rather a very deep unilateral reduction across the board to get the numbers down to what we hope we can get by with under the city restrictions. All birds are sold as FERTILE and to BREED (with out an owners manual). Replacement or money back. Your Choice It’s that simple. Candid exchange of information regarding any bird. I’ll tell you what I know. All 85 birds will be sold . You will determine what they are worth. My wife say’s I subscribe to the “Buy High; Sell Low” philosophy. I’ve never purchased a bird thinking I would make money from it or its offspring. Only the relentless pursuit of “FASTER PIGEONS”. What I have made from this sport are many wonderful friends. Jerry Soignier 281 639 3065.


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