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Auction Time: October 18, 2021 / 04:42 AM PDT
Auction 75719
Listed as a pair. Vandenabeel cock, gr daughter new Harry
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Sold as a pair. Will be for sale only once. Don’t go to sleep on them. 100% they are guaranteed to please. I will buy them back after 7 days

 I can't say enough about this pair. The hen alone has bred a big time winner being 7th place Costa del Sol OLR. Just find a hen of this quality. And a import at that.


the BB cock runs the loft, he has a love for home that words cannot explain. He is remarkable. Best quality in my loft. From his soft feathers, all the way to how he greets me when I walk into the loft. I will be missing this cock bird. I renamed him the Aloha cock. His last three numbers are 808. The Area code for Hawaii. And when he sees me he always has to say yellow. He is the pigeon in my loft that knows all. He is always watching. I will miss him when he sales. I know someone will get him. If not he will not be for sale again. I believe 100% you can't find a better pigeon. Good luck


Hello my name is Doug. This past year I acquired, and assembled a flock of some of the best pigeons this sport has to offer. There is not one cull left in this group. This will be somewhat of a generic post I am not the most savvy  when it comes to computers. And listing items on the old inter web is not my specialty. However I can answer any , and all questions via phone call, or Text. At 

406 600-4870 I am willing to send all info on any pigeon. Picture, or video.


All these birds are 100% healthy. All Are directly from winners. Some have bred winners. The prices will reflect as to the ones I wish to keep and build with. We all know how it is when we are favoring a certain pigeon. All my birds are for sale at this time. I will keep what is left. Thank you very much for showing interest. I can be reached for questions at 


406 600- 4870

Or email at

dugnrox@icloud. Com


Thank you

any questions please ask. Pictures, and or video via text. I have a few more pigeons to list. However I am going cross eyed doing this. Good luck


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