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Auction Time: October 18, 2021 / 03:26 AM PDT
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Kaasboer pigeons bred by one of the best
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This is where I should be committed. Have my brain checked out. This BC cock is bred by the one and only Frank McLaughlin. I researched the Kaasboer pigeons for about 4 years. I found the best of this middle distance family with Frank. Frank’s dad was also a fan of this family. Nothing but winners here. National ace birds thought the pedigree. One of the most expensive, most recent famous Kaasboer pigeons I s the new Kim. There is a reason guys will pay over a million for one pigeon. You can truly build a family around this cock. Good luck. My loss and I truly believe that. Won’t find better. I will breed out of what is left

Fabulous BCwf cock. Handles like a dream. This is the quality that pigeon guys loose sleep over. He will make a difference on your loft. Good luck. He is priced right. Go look for another bred list ke this.


 Hello my name is Doug. This past year I acquired, and assembled a flock of some of the best pigeons this sport has to offer. There is not one cull left in this group. This will be somewhat of a generic post I am not the most savvy  when it comes to computers. And listing items on the old inter web is not my specialty. However I can answer any , and all questions via phone call, or Text. At 

406 600-4870 I am willing to send all info on any pigeon. Picture, or video.


All these birds are 100% healthy. All Are directly from winners. Some have bred winners. The prices will reflect as to the ones I wish to keep and build with. We all know how it is when we are favoring a certain pigeon. All my birds are for sale at this time. I will keep what is left. Thank you very much for showing interest. I can be reached for questions at 


406 600- 4870

Or email at

dugnrox@icloud. Com


Thank you. Questions, pictures, or videos via text. Good luck.


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