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Auction Time: October 18, 2021 / 03:58 AM PDT
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Amerios Man
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Direct son of America 3, son of Luke Donald, brother to Scirocco. I imported Amerios Man direct from Soretdoring loft. Breeder of the break away Mix. We have all herd about her. I am more than sure I don’t need to explain who Luke Donald, or the famous Schriocco is. These are the pigeons of the future. Over 100 money winners in this family. Easily 400 mile day birds. Hot weather, head wind. Perfect for OLR. Amerios Man is perfect in every way. You won’t find another direct Import bred this way. And you won’t see another. Out of this world quality. Powder blue just stands out. The price definitely reflects the quality. Only a few guys in this country have a few of these birds. I will keep him if he doesn’t sell. I will build a foundation out of the winning blood. I have a small fortune for him. I would do it again. Not much else to say except this is the best, of the best. Good luck

 Not much more that I can say. This is the cream of the crop. Worth every penny I gave for him and then some. Do your homework. Look around. These are truly amazing pigeons. Who ever ends up with this young cock bird will be more than thrilled. 

Hello my name is Doug. This past year I acquired, and assembled a flock of some of the best pigeons this sport has to offer. There is not one cull left in this group. This will be somewhat of a generic post I am not the most savvy  when it comes to computers. And listing items on the old inter web is not my specialty. However I can answer any , and all questions via phone call, or Text. At 

406 600-4870 I am willing to send all info on any pigeon. Picture, or video.


All these birds are 100% healthy. All Are directly from winners. Some have bred winners. The prices will reflect as to the ones I wish to keep and build with. We all know how it is when we are favoring a certain pigeon. All my birds are for sale at this time. I will keep what is left. Thank you very much for showing interest. I can be reached for questions at 


406 600- 4870

Or email at

dugnrox@icloud. Com


Thank you. I can send full pedigree , pictures, or video via text. I really hope this one states with me. Thank you

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